Driving Facilities Complete in the Tasbi Driving Range Medan


Driving Facilities Complete in the Tasbi Driving Range Medan

When you do planning playing golf in Sumatra, please know where you want to play and make the itynerary. As we are local Medan travel agency, we offer the best places to play.

If you like playing golf , there’s nothing wrong with making the Tasbi Driving Range as your golfing location.
Located in the residential area of Taman Setia Budi (Tasbi) block F, you can enjoy various facilities that are provided starting from the driving area to the bunkers.

Setia Budi Country Club Medan

The General Manager of Setia Budi Country Club, Elly Susanthy when met by Tribun, said that the Tasbi Driving Range is a place incorporated in Setia Budi Country Club (SBCC).

The Tasbi Driving Range is equipped with 48 bays and is the most bay in Medan golf courses in Medan.

He explained, compared to other golf spots in Medan, the most bay is the bay at the Tasbi Driving Range and this is one of the advantages in the Tasbi Driving Range.

Tasbi Driving Range is the longest driving golf place in Medan. “The Tasbi Driving Range is also equipped with a mini green, the length of the mini green in the Tasbi Driving Range is around 100 meters.

For the price rate in the Tasbi Driving Range, it is calculated per ball, so the price per 50 balls is IDR 40 thousand and usually most people who come to order 100 balls.

Operating from 07.00 to 22.00 WIB, every day visitors who come to the Tasbi Driving Range can reach 100 visitors. “The Tasbi Driving Range is opened every day from weekdays, holidays and weekends.

Another advantage offered at Tasbi Driving Range is a strategic location, wider and also more beautiful so that visitors who come can feel at home for long. Medan is the best place play golf.

The Tasbi Driving Range provides golf clubs for those of you who don’t have golf clubs. However, if you want to bring your own golf sticks it is also permissible.

Not only playing golf , the Tasbi Driving Range also provides free balls for those who can play and pass the limits determined by the Tasbi Driving Range management.

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