Medan Is Best Place Play Golf

Medan Is Best Place Play Golf

Another tool that must also be used is a glove. These gloves will be useful to avoid slippery hands from sweat when hitting the ball. Gloves that are mostly made from these leather materials also vary in price, ranging from Rp. 90 thousand to Rp. 90 thousand. In order to further support your flexibility when hitting the ball, the clothes worn must also be quite flexible. Try not to wear tight clothes that will later interfere with your punch technique. Such as collared shirts and shorts or lengths can also be worn. Again for clothing products, Sport Station still offers special discounts.

For collared shirts, for example the Nike and Adidas brands, sold from Rp. 100 to Rp. 400 thousand, for boys. While for collared shirts specifically for girls, Puma and other brands are available which start at Rp. 120 thousand. The same discount applies to shorts and trousers, whose prices start from Rp. 200 to Rp. 400 thousand.

While for the golf play area, other Sport Station employees, Tomy said, for the practice, golfers usually play in Putri Hijau and Setiabudi Medan housing. “As for those who are quite adept at playing in the Royal Sumatra and Golf Tuntungan,” he explained. He said, every day around 50 visitors came to their booth. This, according to him, is because Medan golf is increasingly in demand by the people of Medan City.

Even though golf sports are identical to elite sports and owned by wealthy people, you don’t need to hesitate to start doing this sport. Because in addition to the many promos held for Medan Golf equipment that used to be quite expensive, there is now a mini golf course arena which is of course more affordable.

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